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Duque de Caxias
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Duque de Caxias Futebol Clube
Team Name: Duque de Caxias Futebol Clube
Country: Brazil
Founded: 1957
Duque de Caxias Futebol Clube Squad
PlayerName Position Nationality Age
Astopho Junio Lopes Goalkeeper Brazil 33
Silvio Luiz De Oliveira De Paula Goalkeeper Brazil 39
Antonio Cleilson da Silva Feitosa Defender Brazil 29
Carlos Alessandro Ricardo Defender Brazil 31
Carlos Bruno Gomes Costa Defender Brazil 29
Edson Jose Da Silva Defender Brazil 30
Gleidson Ricardo Brito De Souza Defender Brazil 32
Leandro Aparecido Oliveira da Silva Defender Brazil 27
Marlon Ventura Rodrigues Defender Brazil 30
Paulo Rodrigues Ivo Defender Brazil 35
Clennyson Silva Do Nascimento Midfielder Brazil 30
Danilo Rios Maia Pereira Midfielder Brazil 28
Elton Lira Midfielder Brazil 30
Erick Franklin Santos Caridade Midfielder Brazil 27
Jose Antonio De Miranda Da Silva Junior Midfielder Brazil 31
Jougle Manoel Rodrigues Midfielder Brazil 28
Leandro Chaves Rodrigues Midfielder Brazil 33
Leandro Teixeira Dantes Midfielder Brazil 29
Mauro Fonseca Midfielder Brazil 41
Paulo Roberto Valoura Junior Midfielder Brazil 30
Renato Moura Bastos Midfielder Brazil 43
Thiago Silva De Paiva Midfielder Brazil 31
Alexandre Rosa Vidal Santos Attacker Brazil 30
Andre Luis Leite Attacker Brazil 30
Marcelo Macedo Ferreira Attacker Brazil 33
Marcos Antonio dos Santos Attacker Brazil 37
Rafael Da Silva Nascimento Attacker Brazil 32
Wanderson De Paula Sabino Attacker Brazil 39
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